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India's Best Health Portal, where you can

  • Personalize Dashboard

    Define what info graph you want to see on Dashboard

  • Digital Lab Results

    No need to feed data manually, Receive lab results digitally - completely secured

  • Discount on Labs Services

    India's leading pathology services at special discounted rates

  • Monitor Your Health Trends

    See your health trends in graphics and summary using Artificial Intellegence

Amazing Features

On Five Fingers is uniquely designed system, offering exclusive features to help you managing your health using future generation healthcare services

Consult Doctor

Share your profile with Doctor, and get second opinion without visiting to Doctor

Know your Yoga

Based on your medical condition our system will evaluate and suggest the Yoga

User Friendly

Highly user friendly screens, helps maintaining user interest while using our platform

Active Analyzer

Introduced "Active Analyzer Engine" to analyze your data using data science

About Us

No. 1 Health Portal

We are Ranked #1 by our user community. 95% users recommended our services

Highly Secured

Using cutting-edge Firewalls and transmit data over HTTPS only, to keep your data safe & secured

Integrated System

One-Stop-Shop: Only health portal integrated with Doctors, Lab Services and Medication

Go Digital

Go-Digital! we provide paperless plateform to keep health data, lab results and medications records

Next-Gen Healthcare

Offering Next-Generation Healthcare services using Data Science and Artificial Intellegence

Medical Standards

We are following internaltional standards i.e. ICD-10 to keep health records

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About Our Features

What users Says

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you dont get your answer here and have more questions, please feel free to drop us an email at info@onfivefingers.com

On Five Fingers is uniquely designed platform which is offering much more than just EMR or EHR. On Five Fingers helps you to monitor your health trends that will help you catching the illeness much early than waiting till it impacts your health. Its FREE, Easy to Use, Analyze your data, Compile data for analytics, and much more. You can see your data on Mobile, can share with Doctors, no more missing your prescriptions, it will all be at one place. ONFF gives you complete control to you to decide if your Doctor can see your data or not. Your Doctor can see your Data only when you approve that Doctor.
On Five Fingers is having in-built Active Analyzer Engine, which takes data about your health condition and project the health trends, it evaluates 10k + pre-defined conditions. It uses our lab results data to generate the graphs for us to understand our health trends. Using its analytics and artificial intellegence we can see whether our health is going in right direction or wrong and can predict our future heath trends. ONFF is building a unique engine to predict the herediatory diseases, if we club our profile with our parents, that will help us to manage such diseases in advance to avoid any health damage.
You can enjoy our FREE version to keep your health recrods, sharing with Doctors, etc. However, when you upgrade to "BASIC" membership, you can get Discounted Lab Services, and no more worry to collect your lab reports physically and feed data manually. Our high-tech system will send your lab orders to the labs electronically, and you will receive your lab results directly in your profile, over secured network.
Thanks for signup. After signup you can go to "Feed-Data-> Basic Health" menu and update all your data related to basic health, e.g. height, weight, blood group, etc. Once you are done with your basic data, you can go to each body part's section (under Feed-Data) and provide your input under "Measurable Factor". This will enable showing body part's health indicator on DashBoard. After that you can start feeding your past medical records under "Examination Record" and past /current medicine info under "Medication". By feeding data related to lab results will enable graphs on Dashboard. Examination Record and Medication can be found under "Feed-Data-> Basic Health" menu path and under each body part's menu.
Booking Lab Test is paid feature for that you need to upgrade your membership to "Basic" tier. When you click on "Book Lab Test" menu. This will show you screen to choose the already approved vendor. Once you choose vendor, then it is easy to navigate the screens to check service center, and subsequently typing your test to add in cart. Once you add your test in cart, then you will be able to see the especial discounted rate, and then you can go to payment. Once your payment is successful then ONFF will send your order to that vendor electronically. You can see the order status by going to Order History and ensure that Vendor received your Order. If you see your Order is on-hold, then feel free to contact at info@onfivefingers.com. We will be happy to help you there. When vendor receives your order, they will send confirmation on your email ID, and will come to collect the blood sample at your address. Post that you will get your Lab Result automatically as soon as that is ready, under your profile. You can use "My Lab Report" on top right corner to see your lab reports.
ONFF is designed to get the Lab Results via electronic messages. As soon as your report is complete, you will get an email (with PDF attachment) in your registered email ID from vendor, and one copy will be sent to your profile. There are no need to feed your result values manually. ONFF system will feed data electronically under your profile, with PDF attachment. This features helps you to keep all your Lab Results at one place without any manual entry. This process is fully automated, and executed by system over HTTPS ports. Your data is fully secured under hi-tech firewalls we have implemented. You can see your lab results by clicking "My Lab Result" on top OR by going to menu "Feed-Data -> Basic Health -> Examination Rec".
Yes, certainly. You have complete freedom to Save your Lab Result which you have done using different system or from your local Lab. You can go to "Feed-Data -> Basic Health" menu and choose "Examination Rec" and feel free to save data manually. It will immediately reflect on Dashboard (on relavent graphs) if applicable.
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